Monday, January 25, 2010

SELF POTRAIT- The Girl in Self Crisis

This is also the artwork for my MIKOTO AND PETER PAN MONOGATARI. The drawing is to describe when she had to deal with her self crisis, in the chapter 3, when suddenly she almost disappeared for real. The concept actually came from the phase that must be experienced by every individual: teenage time. As we know that being a teenager is the hardest time. Teenager usually have more tendency to rebel, fight against the adult's domination especially if they are under too much pressure. They are stubborn and have high pride but actually those are only masks to hide their fragility. Oscillating in the middle child phase and maturity phase, this phase is really crucial. But once they could pass it well, everything will much easier for them.

The transparent hands around her, which make this drawing have a bit mystical  and absurd image, are the symbolization of all temptations our teenagers faced. Sex, drugs, violence, etc, we don't know how much teenagers are lost under their traps... When a teenager lost their orientation and take the wrong way, those  are most caused by environment factor. To be accepted in their social environment is very important for most teenagers, even being the first priority. Many teenagers will do anything just to be accepted even when they have to sacrifice their basic principal or other important thing like honesty and integrity. They will sooner find that it was ridiculous by the time they get mature. But at that time everything cannot be undone. Every people must bring influence or being influenced for people they interact with. Unfortunately not all friends are good friends... So, basically that is the philosophical point behind this drawing. =)

This is the drawing before being edited by adobe photoshop 7... Hoooh...

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