Monday, January 25, 2010

MIKOTO AND PETERPAN NO MONOGATARI Part. 4 (Mindtrick, Standing By Your Own)

Mikoto could do nothing but just seeing herself was becoming more and more transparent. Her eyes hit her reflection in the mirror, to find that her legs started fading. Not daring to see her real legs, she screamed in horror. She ran to Peter Pan and grabbed his clothes fiercely.

"Can't you do something about this?!" she demanded.

Peter Pan gave her an emotionless look then shook his head. "Nothing can I do about that. Besides, you've done this by yourself."

"WHAT?!" Mikoto grabbed the boy's clothes firmer. "This must be because of you! You...!"

Peter warded of her grab then floated away calmly. "Blaming...blaming...just blame others...Let see if it could work." he said coldly.

"SHUT UP!" Mikoto closed her ears with her, didn't want to hear more. She turned her head away.

Peter squatted still on his flying skateboard, "Hmm...Sorry girl. But the one could help you just you yourself..."

"How...?" Mikoto's body had faded 'till her stomach. That was the most horrible thing. She never thought she would be invincible for real! She didn't have any idea what to do now. But a slight of idea suddenly came to her mind. Maybe...maybe it is ok to let my body disappears? Maybe others will feel ok if I was never existed before... Moreover who will miss me so badly if I was never there? Who will cry if I lost? Nobody's care anyway... So, I don't care...

As she was thinking like that, the fading level increased rapidly. Now her fingers faded one by one.

"You!" cried Peter. "Are you stupid?! What the hell you think you're doing?!!"

Mikoto leaped up from his mind play. "I didn't do anything!"

"You dumb! Watch out your mind!" scolded Peter. For the first time Mikoto saw the boy's face was getting pale and paler.

"Don't act as if you really care about me!" snarled Mikoto.

Peter Pan growled and grabbed Mikoto's collar, but surprisingly his hand just slipped over it. No, it didn't slip, it penetrated! Peter raised his hands. Looked at them in disbelieve. His body got the same transparent condition as Mikoto's.

"Look what have you done to me?!"

Mikoto stared at him in horror. "B-but I did nothing to you?!"
"What have you done?!" Peter raised his fading hands in front of Mikoto's nose.

"I didn't do anything! Both to myself, moreover to you!" Mikoto warded off those hands from her eyes. Her own hand penetrated those transparent hands. As if their hands were made of gasses.

"You did do something to cause these happen!" Peter insisted.

"What?!" Mikoto snapped in frustration.

"Watch your mind!" said Peter Pan in the same panic level. "I've told you before. When people keep strong faith about something, their faith will come to real and vice versa!"

"I don't understand!"

"You don't want to understand!"

"Shut up!" Mikoto cried hysterically. "I want you disappear! Everything! Just vanish!"

Peter closed his eyes desperately. His full body faded and then disappeared. "This is the end..." he sighed before he finally gone. Now the darkness is everywhere, trapped Mikoto inside. Her room was slowly swallowed by the total hollow.

Mikoto rested her head on the floor. Waiting herself to be dragged by the darkness. Again...I'm all alone... She closed her eyes. A smile lied on her lips.

Rrrriiinngg... Rrriiing!! Suddenly there was a call. Mikoto didn't react. Someone must got the wrong number, she thought.

Rrriiiiiinnnggg!!! Rrrriiiiingggg!! The telephone across her bed cried louder and louder. Then it stopped. The red sign of it was twinkling while some voices talked to Mikoto. There were messages for her.

"Mikoto, are you there?" the first message came from a deep and husky voice. It was strange that a woman could have a voice like that. "I know you're angry." she sighed. "Well... sorry, Dude. There was terrible storm at the peak of Himalaya. The hiking must be delayed two days. Crap, ya' know." Silence for a moment. "At least you should be grateful, I haven't turned to a ghost yet I'm calling you now. Huff...I'm freezing." she chuckled.

Mikoto opened her eyes. Quite surprised. "Makoto?" she said in disbelieve. Makoto, her eldest sister rarely come home, even hardly ever phoned her because she was so busy with her adventures. So, she's in Himalaya now?

"Well, I gotta go now. Must run for the next flight. I'll scrap my ass to get there on time." There was a moment of silence again. "Well... maybe a bit longer than on time... I'm at the roof of the world you know?" she chuckled. "See ya. Don't hurt yourself, OK?" then the woman across, hung up the phone.

Then came out the second message. "Umm...Mikoto?" Mikoto almost couldn't hear it because the voice was so soft, almost like a whisper. However, Mikoto could directly guessed that it was Shirayuki, her other sister. "Ng...I'll be home soon." Then she hung up the phone. Shirayuki, she must lost her mind again, thought Mikoto.

The red sign still twinkled. A second later then, there came a new one, "Miko chaaaan, you still alive don't you?" this time it sounded like a cherry little girl with high pitch tone.

Mikoto raised. Turning her eyes to the phone across. "Yuina?"

Yuina was her youngest sister. The cherry girl gave her message in hurry. "Sorry sorry sorry. I'm totally forget. But I've prepared something for you. Just hang on there! I'll be back in no minute...Oh My God! The bus left me behind! Hhhheeeeeeeyyyyy! WAIT!" Then seemed that the girl left the phone-box without returning the phone to its proper place because Mikoto could hear someone growled, maybe an old lady, commented how impolite her sister was, then hang up the phone.

Mikoto rolled her eyes. Yuina.... careless as always. She won't change though Mikoto had told her millions times to grow up. A smile was formed on her lips while she was imagining how messy Yuina has just be.

"Feeling much better?"

"Awwwwwww!" Mikoto cried in shock. Peter Pan suddenly popped in front of her, stocked on his weird flying skateboard. Smirking as usual.

"I thought you've disappeared?!"

"A-a." Peter Pan shook his head. "Well... finally you know what the answer is."

Mikoto frowned. She really mad of the fact that she still had to stick with that weird boy. That was so tiring for her! She couldn't stand it anymore!

Peter Pan frowned confusedly, "Huh? I thought you've understood it? You aren't a fast thinker, are you?"


"Here." Peter Pan touched Mikoto's forehead. "Deep inside, there hide the most powerful power of every single human being. Your mind." Peter moved his fingers to his head, "That's why I've told you to watch your mind. Sometimes when they were so strong, some minds will come to real. That explained what happened to you, to us. You thought you want to disappear because no one will consider..."

"You told me what?" cut Mikoto in disagreement. "All the things you said just weird things. You round about and blah!"

Peter gave her a tired look. "I've said you must understand it by yourself. It would be useless if I spoon-fed you!" Then he floated to the phone's side. "Fortunately for you, before everything was too late, your sisters called, paid you attention and showed you that you're wrong."

"But..." he paused, "doesn't it sound so pathetic to depend your existence on others' consideration?"

"Whatever!" Mikoto turned her face another side, "Why are you still here?"

"Huh?" Peter frowned. "I'm the one supposed to ask! You called me!"

"I called you?!"

Peter waved his hand. "Enough. Don't waste the time. I'm here for your wish. So just say it!"

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