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Mikoto was a girl who really hate her life. One night she dreamed about Peter Pan, her imaginary hero figure. Unexpectedly, the imaginary figure really came for real. Just in one night, she experienced many strange things. Peter Pan that really different with her imagination and her feeling about considered invincible by others became true! Mikoto was trapped inside her own dark mind that her existence was not important at all!

Just before Mikoto disappeared into the darkness, the phone rang and her three sisters gave her messages, they actually really cared about her. Suddenly everything back to normal for Mikoto, unless that Peter popped again. Peter taught Mikoto about the power of mind. It implied that the strange things happened to Mikoto were caused by her own negative thought.Peter then said that he came to the real world for considering about her wish. What are these all about???

The Story Goes On...

"Wait, so you come here for my wish?" asked Mikoto.

"Yep!" Peter answered in certainty. "That's why you were calling me, right?"

"What are you now? A genie of the bottle?" she chuckled in cynical. Mikoto was about to give more denial when suddenly she realized something, and that made her blushed. "Oh My God! No way!" Mikoto sighed. She turned her back facing Peter so she could conceal her flushed cheeks.

Peter might know Mikoto's self-denial that he suddenly sang. His voice was...hmm...unexpectedly quite good. Light and clear like the sound of the wind. But that was not the point made Mikoto blushed more.

Be my Peter Pan...
Take me fly away
to the dream sky...
My endless dre...

"E-enough!" cut Mikoto hurrily. Her face was totally red.

Peter giggled. He circled Mikoto around while humming the same tones. "Nice song anyway. I'm sooooo.... flaaaaaa...ttered!"

"How?" Mikoto sighed.

"How what?"

"How could you hear my singing?"

"Simply. You're the only one around here, sang so loudly in this middle of night."

Mikoto got speechless this time. Peter sighed they had been wasting much time in silent moments. "I only have time 'till the morning." Peter said. "You'd better think 'bout your wish quicker."

Mikoto stared at Peter. "You think you can make my wish comes true, huh?"

"Stop being cynical and just say it. We'll see the answer! Remember, only one wish!" said Peter in certainty.

Mikoto stared Peter again, but said nothing. What does she want? Human always have a bunch of wishes and hopes, but in the situation like this, why does her mind get blank? If the weird boy was really be able to grant her wish, so she must chose carefully, right? What wish is the most important for her?

Half an hour had passed. Peter seemed more impatient, but suddenly, before he decided to say good bye and jump out the window, Mikoto's voice broke the silence.

"I want to fly." she said with blank expression, as if she was dreaming in her sleep. "Take me away from here, to Neverland, or wherever, as long as I can get out from here."

Peter gazed her, "So...That's your wish?"

"Yeah. I want you make me fly, like you did to Wendy and her brothers." Mikoto repeated her wish.

Peter showed strange reaction as he heard 'Wendy' was mentioned. The atmosphere around them became awkward and Mikoto could feel Peter's restlessness.

"Hey, are you here?" called Mikoto.

Peter cleared his throat and floated toward her clumsily. Then, for the very first time, Mikoto saw Peter let his feet touched the floor. He jumped off his flying skateboard.

"Why do you want to fly to Neverland?" Peter changed the topic quickly.

"Because I want to!" answered Mikoto.

Peter rolled his jade eyes, "Yeah, but why? You've already have your own world here?"

Mikoto shook her head, "This is not the world I want. I hate this world! Suck! Crazy! Creepy! I hate the people! I hate the world that just make me feel invincible and worthless!"

Peter said nothing but held her hands and pulled her slowly to the window. "Okay, are sure you wanna do this?"

Mikoto looked at the scenery below her. She could only saw city lamps sparkled below. As if the sky was in her floor now. Her room was in the 20th floor. The coldness of the night wind froze her to the bone, she shivered. Mikoto returned Peter's question by nodding in certainty.

Peter walked to her back. "Once I grant your wish, you'll have no chance to regret." he whispered to Mikoto's ear. Mikoto trembled not because of the blowing cold wind, but there's something in Peter's voice. What are he going to plan now?

Peter blew Mikoto's neck. Mikoto shocked then turned to Peter. "WHAT'RE YOU DOING?!" she held her neck. Now she's trembling because of her anger.

"That's Fairy Dust. You need it to fly." Peter explained.

"Uh-uh..." Mikoto groaned.

"Well, first step has been passed. And now you..." Suddenly Peter pushed her to the open window. Mikoto lost her balance, felt the gravity pulled and pressed her body below. She slid down as fast as comet.


"Have a nice flight." Peter waved his hands innocently, watching Mikoto floating down to her death...

The last thing Mikoto could remember was Peter's evil grin...

This hasn't ended...YET!

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