Monday, January 25, 2010


I drew this for the illustration of my Mikoto and Peterpan no Monogatari. I imagined 'MIKOTO' as a girl who had a minor personality disorder. She was too afraid to go outside and would rather hide herself alone in her room. Yes, this is the symptom of hikikomori. Because she had nothing else to do then she creamed and created an imaginary figure called Peter Pan. Sometimes when her hatred to herself reached the peak, unconsciously she wounded herself by scratching herself by her own fingers or even knife! Therefore, I drew her with loosening bandages everywhere. I don't know why, but my mood was totally dark lately. Therefore I released it by writing that story.

This is the black/white picture before I edited by adobe. The idea was from one of  X Clamp's artwork. Kamui was also covered with bandages and also blood. I don't wanna to make my picture so dark that I decided no to draw the blood here... =)

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