Monday, January 25, 2010


Mikoto stunned in front of her window. The star up there danced like a rocket, flew to her in unbelieveable speed.


Mikoto stepped back, raising her arms to protect her eyes, when the star hit her window and shattered into shimmering, shining, bright lights.

When Mikoto opened her eyes, white was the only thing she could see. She thought she had been blind already. But then slowly she could catch a silhoulette standing in front of her.

No...That figure wasn't standing in front of her, because her neck felt so stiffed. That someone or maybe something, was floating in front of her!

The white vision slowly disappeared, thus Mikoto could see clearer a floating boy in techno style, smirking at her. His blounde hair was like gold and a bit messy that the-miss-tiny-tidy-Mikoto wondered whether it ever been touched by a comb even just once. He wore all metalic black and dark green leather suits. His eyes covered by a dark glasses. Soo...Matrix wannabe...," thought Mikoto. He brought a medium-sized backpack that seemed made from metalic silver or maybe platina. He stood on a cool dark green skateboard sprouting something like a bright sparkling blue fire-gasses tail on its back, like those at the jet planes. That weird thing made him could fly.

"Who are you?!" snarled Mikoto after a few of silence moment had passed along.

That strange boy laughed roughly as if Mikoto had said a no-no question like were-you-coming-from-Mars?

"Who am I? How could you don't know who I am?!" He finished laughing, then float closer to Mikoto, cornered her on the wall. He put his dark glasses off, revealing a pair of exotic jade eyes. He bowed his head 'till their faces almost touched each other.

"I'm Peter. Peter Pan!"


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