Monday, January 25, 2010


Mikoto frowned to the smirking boy. Those jade eyes were really bewitching.
Like a pair of emeralds on the snowfield.

"Hahaha! You're so dumbfolded!" the boy laughed in annoying manner. But his laughter sounded so clear, pure, and somehow innocently like kids'.

Mikoto blinked in angry, tried to think of some smart responds, but finally the only smartest thing she could spell from her mouth was only, "You, Pe-ter- Pan?"

Instead of answering the question, the boy start floating around Mikoto in slow motion.

Mikoto turned, following that floating boy.

"Impossible! You, Peter Pan?! But he is..."

"Unreal?" cut Peter Pan. He stopped floating. He rolled his eyes, seemed so bored to death. He threw a tired sight to Mikoto, "But now I'm here, Dude! What do you think?" Then he floated around again.

"Stop circling me!" Mikoto exclaimed. "I'm getting dizzy!"

The boy stopped moving around , but then he even floated back and forth, left and right while humming. It's just nearly the same, Dummy! Mikoto grumbled.

"Which is real, which is unreal, how is the way you decide it?"

"Huh?" Mikoto never expected such a question will come to her. "By the 5 senses of course." she answerd in certainty.

"So... if you can see it, smell it, hear it, taste it, and touch it..." the boy suddenly slid like a light, stopped before he hit Mikoto in the face.

" !!!"
Though Peter Pan didn't hit her, but Mikoto's shock had scratched her chest deeply. The pain was like as if it was hit by a very sharp needle.

"The hell!" screamed Mikoto with a pale face. "So you come here just for killing me, aren't you?!" Mikoto soaked by her sweats. Her heart was not the strong one.

Peter Pan made a guilty expression on his innocent face. But Mikoto's sharp eyes could catch the laughter in those jade eyes.

"Aren't you frightened? Why? I didn't hit you for sure..." said Peter still in his fake innocent face.

Mikoto couldn't answer. She was too busy controlling her HEARTBEAT.

"Fear..." said Peter Pan while floating around Mikoto. He flew farther immediately before Mikoto's fist hit his waist.

"Fear... Is the weirdest thing in this world. Sometimes it just comes from your imaginary, but somehow it can be so real that is enough to kill you."
Peter Pan looked at Mikoto with unexpected serious expression. "When you afraid of something, it will just make your imaginary fear becomes real. Like a fool who died in scared because he thought he saw a ghost that obviously was only a white curtain blown by the wind. What do you think about that?

Mikoto rolled her eyes, he's gibbering again.

"I'm not just talking nothing!" exclaimed the boy.

"Huh? You can hear my mind?" asked Mikoto confused. My... He's crazy of course.

Again, as if the boy could hear her mind, he responded, "Ah yes! Crazy! You know...these guys like John Nash, Ian Flemming, they had sizo...sizo..."

"Schizophrenia!" cut Mikoto impatiently.

"People considered them as this..." the boy crossed his left point finger in front of his forehead. "...because they thought these people were unconscious with the real world, instead, they trapped in their fantasy, said that they could see what ordinary people couldn't see."

"And what is the point?" asked Mikoto in a bored tone.

Peter slowly floated closer to her in zig-zag movement. "Well...actually for the crazies, we're the mad one, coz we couldn't see what they could see. For them, we are the one living in the unreality. It's just a matter of different perception, I supposed to say." he laughed lightly.

"Who cares with their perception? They're mad. Just that." What Mikoto meant was for the crazies in general. Because yes, now the world of course, care those two guy's perception, since the one was the Nobel awarded and the other one was someone behind the number one espionage novel series.

"Uh-uh? How if you're the one living in unreality? How if all the things you know in this world, your friend, your family, you entire life are totally fake?" Peter gave her a smirk.

Mikoto laughed in skepticism, though a slight of discomfort feeling suddenly knocked on her chest. "I don't get it! I think somebody should repair your..." Mikoto circled her left point finger on her temple.

"Oh my, don't you always feel invincible?" Peter cornered her on the wall, stabbed her with his mischievous stare.

Again another feeling of discomfort scratch her chest. That really hit the perfect spot! How could that 'what-the-hell' weird boy know all about her feelings?!

"How to say it? A bunch of busy sisters, have no even one close friend, seems that you've been totally ignored, huh? You know... the more people ignore you, the more your existence will be..." Peter paused just to show her his devilish smile, "...questionable?" he continued sharply.

"Darn! You only talking rubbish!" cried Mikoto in anger, while her hands closed her ears tightly. Suddenly at the same time she felt her body became more and more transparent...for real! She hadn't realized it until she could see the smirking boy through her glass arms. Seconds later she heard a horrible scream passed through her throat.


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