Tuesday, January 26, 2010

(Musashimaru) Dealing With...

Well, the theme of this picture maybe still related to the previous one, 'Self Crisis'. Both of them depict about teenagers' confusion in dealing with their self-crisis while looking for their identity. This one isn't as depressive as the previous one. More depicting about the contemplation. This guy is thinking about the most philosophical questions about himself, "Who am I? and What's the meaning of my existence". If you've ever read James Redfield's Celestine Prophecy and The Tenth Insight, there are explanations about how all people in the world are bringing their own messages to be shared with others. Unfortunately, many people don't realize about what kind of exact role they have to play in their life because they are lost themselves from the energy of universe.

In order to prevent disorientation in this life, it's really important to free ourselves just for a while from our usual daily activities, take time to stop, to silence and contemplate about what we have done and what we should do next in this earth. After that we can make our best plan to run our rest of life. This will make our life more meaningful. =D

This guy is Musashimaru one of the supporting characters of my HEARTBEAT manga (though this manga was never published and even have not been finished yet...phew...). I drew this chara when I was still in 1st grade high school. He has so gloomy look rarely to smile. and talk to his schoolmates. His appearance is really big, about 180 cm or more (he was too lazy to measure it regularly). No one know who started the rumor, Musashimaru was considered by a member of yakuza bacause of his mysterious behavior, cold expression, and the scar on his right eye. This makes most of his schoolmates keep away from him. But seems that he doesn't care at all. Nobody knows that actually he is... (hmm I guess I can reveal his true identity by the time I finished the manga... phew)

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