Monday, January 25, 2010

My Two New Songs: BE MY PETER PAN and SONS OF NEVERLAND Have Been Released

Check the lyrics out


Come My Peter Pan

Intro (Instrumental)

    Rapp (Makoto):
(You lift me up,
when everybody throw me out
You give me hope,
when I feel like a zombie
You say “don’t die!”
when I feel not really want to live
Though you might be real or maybe unreal?
For me, kimi ga iru yo
I just wanna say,
hontou ni doumo)


Be my Peter Pan
Take me fly away
to the dream sky
my endless dream…

Come my Peter Pan
Bring me Neverland
Spell me miracle
Make my dreams come true


My Neverland

Yes! We are the forsaken
Coz nobody understand  
Our sorrow our pain our wound  
Yet we will stay young  
Forever and after  
Coz we can dream we can hope we can fly  
Yes! We are the sons of Neverland!

  Living by the dream  
Flowing against the stream
That's the rule of our realm!

Let them listen
The cry of our heart
The song of our desires
The flame of our souls
We know the future is in our hands
They can hate us, deny us, reject us
But they will always be dragged upon our Neverland
Our body could be rotten underground
But our soul will never die

We will haunt them
All day long all night long
Coz yes, we are the sons of Neverland!

We are the conqueror of the time
The Lord of Radical Dreamers
Yes! We are the sons of Neverland!

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