Monday, January 25, 2010


Once upon a time there was a girl named Mikoto who really hated her life. She felt like a bird in a cage. The golden one. A part of her heart really wanted to BREAK OUT the cage, but another side of her, she was really scared because she heard that outer world could be really cruel.

She knew she was the pearl that wanted to show up her shimmering light to the world so badly. But the pearl stuck, in a sealed shell. She was in chain. The chain of her heart.

One night, beneath the twinkling stars, Mikoto's sight wandered through the open window. Out there the city light shone brightly as if the million stars have down to earth.

In her dream, she was waiting for someone. Someone that can take her go faraway from her place now... The someone was not a prince charming riding a white horse.

She hoped for someone who had wings. Maybe not wings...but Someone who could fly. Someone liked PETER PAN

That night she sang a song. A song of her desires. Beneath the night sky, she made a wish upon the star

"Be my Peter Pan...Take me fly the dream sky...My endless dream...
 Come my Peter Pan...Bring me Neverland...Spell me miracle...Make my dreams come true..."

As she finished singing the song of her heart, she saw a strange tiny star danced hilariously. The dance was upside down like a crazy comet, and Mikoto swore that she was not dreaming.



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