Friday, August 22, 2014

Got The Third Place on The Mini Contest!!! XD

Well, last time I in this posting I've told you about how I struggle to finish the artwork above only for 48 hours and broke my own record :D

Did I win?

Did I win?
Did I win?

Well...honestly...a lot of people joining the contest. Maybe about 20 people? For a mini contest on Deviant Art, it's a real number, Dude! Sooo... after I'm waiting for this whole week finally they announce the result THIS NIGHT.


I got the 3rd place! Hoooraaay? XD

Strangely I kinda got a premonition that I'll get third place >_< Kinda like a deja vu or something? So when I did my regular pray this afternoon suddenly I remembered this contest (weeell...I know I shouldn't think about anything else whenever I'm doing regular bad :p :p), and I was worried that I won't get any place. I was highly confident actually. But as time went by my confidence level dropped. Especially after my mum chose other artwork as her favorites when I showed her the gallery of entries >n<...

So... while I was doing my regular pray a sudden thought passed by, "Maybe I'll at least got the third place?"

And IT'S TRUE! AND THAT WHAT MAKES IT LITTLE SCARY! (do I have certain 6th sense power??? LOL)

Well if you ask me whether it's worthy considering the amount of time I spent for finishing the artwork... depends on...

My father might be just snorted and said, "Only get that???"


But I guess it's a good step forward for me, that some people miles away across the ocean are rather choose my artwork among the others to win the 3rd place. I'll have to be grateful. And the most important, I have to train my skill more, so more people will acknowledge my art (including my own dearly parents...pfff). I have to train my pencil color artwork, so it could be compete against those digital artworks (the first place and the second place were done digitally, and they're really smooth and good...)

Well...this is the second time I win something from Deviant Art... (hey, when was the first? I'll tell you later xD)


More competitions I plan to enter, I hope I'll have the luck just like this one, probably better?

Thank you God! Thank you Fleur! Thank you the judges! 

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