Saturday, August 16, 2014

48 Hours Draw (Breaking My Own Record!!!)

Fleur and Yumiko, the OCs of some artists in Deviant Art. Seems like they are a real couple in the real life

I draw this picture, only for about 48 hours! Precisely I started drawing from 14th August, 10.00 p.m till today's 09.00 a.m. I felt like I was possessed to draw that fast (it is considered pretty rapid for me who's really slow at drawing that sometimes I could even need months and years to finish one piece of artwork!)

This is drawn by using reference. Of course with many modifications as usual. When I started drawing the cats, then all the fun began! XD I don't wanna to make the couple alone just by themselves anyway. It's like my own personal policy to keep my arts still PG 13+ and under hahaha :D (I could say that this is my most intimate pose... that's why we need those cats around ahaha)

I have to draw many straight lines here oh my...(and finally I use my ruler to the max!). Also Iadd so many objects there. After I finished them all this morning, I felt like my right fingers went numb and felt like I have to sleep for days to recharge!

Basically I'm both relieved and quite satisfied with the result, yet the grainy looks on all over place makes me want to mourn X(

I really want to create a smooth arts using my pencil color someday. Ugh! Have to train more!

Well, so now I have to start pray and cross my fingers so I'll be the winner and get the prize as well ahahah :D I really want to show to my family that I could get something from my own art :D

Wish me luck guyz!

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