Friday, August 8, 2014

"Deviant" Days

I'm drawing again. And it works better to relieve my anxiety and restlessness than just reading manga (or editing old artworks LOL). I upload my artworks on a site named Deviant Art. Also on drawcrowds, kreavi, and pinterest. However, it's really hard to get popular there :sad :sad: (except for Deviant Art where I have had 4000s page views and more than 50 watchers). Maybe because there are groups on DA that enhance the new artists to getting popular and get along with other users. here are my two last artworks:

In this artwork there's Shirayuki Himeka san, Yuina, and meh. You don't have any idea how long I had to spent to finish this one (laziness is the main factor here :p) The background took longest time. And my favorite part is her golden blond hair.  Unfortunately the paper becomes dull due to the long delay (maybe also because there're too many objects there?). But I'm relieved I finally finish this one.

The pose reference is from Katagiri Ikumi. I added some dragonflies to make it more artistic and distinct. This is Yuina. To draw the red dragonflies I was really helped by pencil color tutorial of Ian Wongkar. 

I uploaded these two artworks almost in the same time. But just like my expectation, the second one draws more attention in DA. In fact, the faves are increasing rapidly I'm surprised XD Must be because of the unique pose XD... I'm really happy with the results and I like dragonflies now. I have to draw them again in my next artworks...

Well...once I start drawing, I barely can't stop it. Now I'm working on another artwork and I have tons inside my head. So I spend most of my days in front of laptop, drawing by using references. Also I spend most of my times mingling in Deviant Art.  Sometimes my mother asks me to do something, then I take some rests, and after that drawing again. I don't know how long this thing will happen. But as long as I'm living and healthy now, what more I could ask?

I wonder if my writings and artworks will bring me to the world outside...again


Just that for today

See ya

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