Thursday, July 24, 2014

PARADOXA (Paradox-She)

What she thought: WHATEVER! (the pose inspired by an artist in DA named Takenaka san/tknk)

She's loaded with figure of speeches
For her lips are full of metaphors
and paradox is her persona

Sometimes she thinks in hyperbolic
which she conveyed in periphrasis

She's like a dandelion. None knows where she will land
as her decisions tend to lead to irony

How she hates sarcasm. But she likes to cursed sarcastically

She walks in figure of speech. 
She likes personify the soulless

In her cry she laughs. In her laugh she cries.
She kills the loneliness by hugging tight the solitude

How she likes wacky association. And she is associated with wackyness

Maybe because she loves the wind...
that blows away her mind


She loves the wind with all of her hatreds. 
And hates the wind with all of her loves

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