Saturday, July 26, 2014

Do We Still Have Another Time???

So say, how much do we have to meet this moment again next year?

I'm feeling distressed. Many things happened since the middle of this year. I'm totally messed up, and not like the previous Ramadhans, something feels lost deep inside my heart...

What I'm doing this Ramadhan? Locking myself inside my home, sleeping all the time, and when I awake, I browsed internet, digital comic, or doing my translating job... (at least God still kindly gives me something to keep my brain occupied)

And in the same time...people in Gaza is suffering under the raid. It's really hard for them to keep fasting during Ramadhan. No market, no access, just the smell of the death everywhere... Still they keep fasting...

Comparing their condition and mine, feels like irony :(

Tomorrow, we might all be happy eating cakes, cookies and foods with all of our families. What about them?

If I still have time in this world...I hope I could have better Ramadhans :(


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