Friday, October 10, 2014

72 Hours to Finish This Drawing

Hmm too tired to type anything. Just click the link below if you really want to know what does this artwork means XD

I'm joining a contest again. So basically after I finished the drawing in this picture on 30th September, I was going Spartan again to finish the drawing above on 5th September. The good thing of joining contests in DA is, mostly the committee are living abroad, in countries with a long long gap of time difference. Hehehehhe... So I basically finished the drawing in tomorrow morning of the deadline (6th September), which was 5th September at night in the committee's time area.

Now I'm just waiting for the result. Hopefully I'm lucky this time. Not like the last time. Grrrgggh. Still the committee haven't decided the winners yet. Which is could be a good thing, meant that they really try to judge it properly. Not like the previous contest I joined, in which the winner was announced 1 day after the contest ended. *fuck. As if they actually had already the winners on their minds. Urgh.

And now I still have 2 drawings to finish on 14th October. Plus 50 pages of translation for 14th October. Zzzzz... I do really have a busy happy life, don't I?


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